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Is our broken visa system stealing your dream of launching your company in the United States?

Congress isn’t fixing this – but you can hack your own solution NOW. Stop waiting – take action – and reclaim your hopes and dreams.

The O-1 VisaBuilder Quick-Start Guide for Entrepreneurs: 7 Steps You Can Take Right Now to Jumpstart Your American Dream. Quick-Start Guide Cover

In this 1-week FREE email course, offered by a leading immigration attorney, learn how to build your own O-1 “extraordinary ability” work visa package.

Work for your own U.S. company.

Fast-track your green card.

Live your dream – even in a hostile immigration climate.

Questions? Start here! What’s an O-1 / EB-1A “extraordinary ability” visa, and how can it help immigrant entrepreneurs?

Information updated 03 November 2017.

What Is This, and Why Should You Care?

I'm a non-US entrepreneur. I want to build my company in the United States. There's no US "startup visa" category that lets me do this. That's really crazy and messed up!

Yes, you’re so right! It IS really crazy and messed up that it’s so hard for non-US founders to build companies here. And in the current political climate, this is unlikely to change anytime soon.

The structure of US immigration law hasn’t evolved much since 1990. That was 27 years ago. It was before the internet! Our work visa categories are hoary old fossils. The visa processing system is an ancient, lumbering dinosaur.

In the past year, it’s grown big teeth and gotten ferociously hostile, too.

And no, it definitely doesn’t include a nice practical visa category for immigrant founders to start businesses in the United States.

So what does a smart entrepreneur do, when confronted with an archaic legal code base like this? Hacks and workarounds, of course! You work with what you’ve got, to achieve the result you want.

That’s what VisaBuilder is about.

O-1 Work Visa Basics: How to Get One, and What You Get.

EB-1A Green Card Basics: How to Get One, and What You Get.