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About VisaBuilder

VisaBuilder is dedicated to helping you, the immigrant entrepreneur –

American Front Porch

  • Build a winning “extraordinary ability” evidence portfolio that you can use to get an O-1 work visa.
  • Work legally in the United States for your own company in O-1 status.
  • Fast-track your EB-1A “extraordinary ability” green card, using your O-1 evidence package as a foundation for a winning green card petition.
  • Live your American dream.
  • Come home, finally, to the place where you belong.


Are you a non-U.S. founder with a dream of building an amazing company in the United States?

Are you feeling shocked and confused by our government’s crazy hostility to immigrants?

Are you tired of the years we’ve waited for Congress to create a U.S. “startup visa”?

Should you just give up, and build your company outside the U.S.? Isolate yourself from the American networks that could supercharge your venture? Put your American dream on hold, maybe forever?

It’s a discouraging time for immigrant entrepreneurs. It’s natural to be feeling unfairly excluded, for stupid reasons that have nothing to do with you.

But it’s also a time of hope – for entrepreneurs who see the opportunities in adversity.

A few pioneers will play the long game in immigration. They’ll take a deep breath, square their shoulders, and set aside their (real) fears. They’ll plan their moves ahead in the immigration chess game. They’ll approach this as another (scary) piece of the founder’s puzzle to solve.

They’ll have the courage to work WITH the crazy system to get the results they want. They know they can ride out the waves of hostility and irrationality.

For those few, the rewards will be rich. All the vast resources of the U.S. startup ecosystem will be at their fingertips. They’ll be welcomed with open arms by everyone who matters. Their American dreams will take root and thrive. They can truly feel that they’ve come home at last.


The O-1 “extraordinary ability” visa has always been a great choice for immigrant entrepreneurs. In 2017 it’s looking even better. It’s a robust, favored visa category. It might even escape our current political hostility toward the H-1B and other work visas.

You might already know how awesome the O-1 visa is. Maybe you’ve heard of other founders who scored one of these “genius” visas. They get to … aah, deep breath … relax. Stay in the US. Work for their own companies. Travel home and back, without heart-pounding fear. Get fast, easy green cards. Breathe free. Live the dream.

Do you feel like you’re not qualified? The O-1 visa is for those at the “top of their field of endeavor.” It has this media hype. It looks impossible. Mysterious. Complicated. Expensive. It’s only for rock stars. For “geniuses.” For people who can afford a top-shelf attorney.

Well, guess what? The O-1 visa can be for YOU too. There’s a perfectly straightforward O-1 visa template for entrepreneurs. It’s not that mysterious, once you know how to do it.

You don’t document your evidence package backwards. You build it forward. Give your adjudicator a LOT of exactly what he wants. And optimize your presentation for a quick approval.

I’ll be asking you to do 7 things to build a winning O-1 evidence portfolio.

1. Plan your case in detail and develop a storyline.
2. Define your “field of endeavor” strategically.
3. Make a dent in the universe with your product or service.
4. Get some media buzz for that.
5. Enter some competitions.
6. Judge some competitions.
7. Publish some articles.

7 things. That’s it. 7 practical, concrete things that are 100% within your control.

If you can create a successful company, product, app, website, pitch deck, or business plan, you have the skills you need to compile a winning evidence package for your O-1 visa.


Hi, I’m Mary. I’m an O-1 “extraordinary ability” visa specialist and non-practicing immigration attorney. For over 15 years I had the privilege of serving as a “visa lawyer to the 1%.” I was honored and humbled to help a lot of cool people stay in the United States, and make their American dreams come true.

I’m also an entrepreneur. I’ve started, run, and exited 3 successful law firms. I love technology and disruption and scaling. I started my career as a Wall Street litigator in an AmLaw 100 firm, and I’m a proud UVA Law grad.

In my 15+ years of immigration law practice, I prepared and filed scores of “extraordinary ability” petitions. My value proposition was unique in the high-volume immigration law industry. If you hired me, you got a “slow product.” A low-volume product. An artisan product, carefully hand-prepared by me, the senior partner. Not an assembly-line case, hastily thrown together by an assistant.

You got my in-depth immersion in your industry, so I could highlight your accomplishments accurately, explain them in simple terms, and define your “field of endeavor” to optimize your chances.

You got my state-of-the-art evidence design, with a beautiful presentation, hand-crafted for maximum persuasiveness, based on my years of experience with exhibit design as a federal litigator.

You also got unlimited access to my private phone line, extensive coaching and personal advice, and concierge-level service throughout the process.

My philosophy was: I won’t let you fail. We’re aiming for the maximum, not the minimum. If your case isn’t ready, we won’t file it yet. My “extraordinary ability” case approval rate: 100%.

Over time, as I honed my craft, I developed fascinating – and surprising – insights into what works and what doesn’t in “extraordinary ability” cases. I created some tools, templates, and databases to capture these insights and improve my offerings even further.

When I sold my boutique law practice, the proprietary methodologies stayed behind with me. It seemed crazy to let them sit there unused. What if I could make them replicable and scalable? What if these successful methods could help many achievers attain their American dreams – not just a few dozen a year?

So that’s what VisaBuilder is all about. Without a law practice, I can’t give individual legal advice, or represent clients anymore. But I CAN share with you, the proprietary tools, templates, and strategies that I built, over 15+ years of filing winning O-1 visa petitions.

I want you to know those insider secrets, and see exactly how it’s done. Then I want you to compile your own great evidence package.

Why focus on entrepreneurs? I believe in you guys. I love your spirit. Your work ethic. Your energy. Your wonder and excitement when you arrive here. Your certainty that you’ve finally come home. Your commitment to the ideals of the American dream.

You don’t have a lot of visa options right now. I want to make it a little easier for you, to build your companies in the United States. I want to help as many of you get here as I possibly can.


Please come. We need you here now, more than ever before. We need your voice, your energy, your ambition, and your ideas.

We need for you to stand proudly with us in this nation of immigrants and say YES, this American dream is real. It’s alive. It still stands for everything that’s good and positive and productive in the human spirit. It means freedom, and innovation, and the opportunity to be the best you can possibly be.

Above all? We want to welcome you home, as soon as we can.